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Full Version: Michelle Hush
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Michelle Hush  aka Ava,  Danielle Leah Raven,  Kirsten,  Leah,  Michelle L,  Michelle Louise,  Nicole E,  Raven,  Raven Lee,  Shelly.

There must be something either in the water or the air in the English city of Sheffield (population 550,000) that makes girls there want to show their tits and cunts on the internet, because Miss Michelle Hush is the fifth Sheffield girl that I have introduced to the Forum. And I have at least one more girl from the city to introduce. Anyway, Michelle Hush – but she seems to have as many stage names as some east European models – was born in Sheffield on 1 October 1983 and began showing her 36D tits and her nice meaty cunt on the internet in 2004. These pics of her as Leah are from a Garrys Girls set titled Leah on Butterfly Duvet.”

[Image: 18eMXe6.jpg]

[Image: vHcRkmC.jpg]

[Image: i6NY7As.jpg]

[Image: RooJmMo.jpg]

[Image: i8h0IFU.jpg]
Here is English model, Michelle Hush as Raven Lee in a Vintage Flash set titled “Fur Coat and No Knickers” which was first seen on 31 August 2014.   British members of the Forum will be aware that the title is a saying that usually describes a showy woman who, in reality, is vulgar and sexually immoral, but that does not imply that that describes the young lady in the pictures!

[Image: bQ5zcp3.jpg]

[Image: kwcFQG2.jpg]

[Image: 1V3l4wF.jpg]

[Image: QynH45L.jpg]

[Image: 7snCFYE.jpg]
Like most British nude models, Michelle Hush has taken her bra and knickers off for the Suburban Amateurs website where she is known as Kirsten.   These pics are from her first shoot for the website and we join her after she has already taken her knickers off and has got one of her tits out. Kirsten then holds her cunt open before wanking herself off with a shiny sex toy.

[Image: aXmRaUw.jpg]

[Image: OYnVUfw.jpg]

[Image: uNivWGi.jpg]

[Image: IzYpiwy.jpg]

[Image: V8SRm4g.jpg]
As I have remarked previously, English nude model Michelle Hush has more stage names than a lot of eastern European girls.   But what’s in a name?   It is what the girl has got under her panties that’s important and Michelle’s cunt certainly doesn’t disappoint.   Here she is as Raven Lee in this undated Garrys Girls set doing a rather unconvincing schoolgirl strip.

[Image: oj9kGve.jpg]

[Image: EeZDHsW.jpg]

[Image: HEXvum7.jpg]

[Image: 7F8z50B.jpg]

[Image: GuVvLET.jpg]