- large labia are beautiful and sexy

Full Version: Sexy slim brunette teen with huge dangling labia minora
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Who is this huge labia minora babe?
[Image: 1PwqdrA.jpg]
[Image: mWjJ5gu.jpg]
[Image: AB2yGrm.jpg]
[Image: Ttnd7Ga.jpg]
Credits to WetAndPuffy
She sure knows how to get those lips to "stand to attention". Cute, sexy girl there Smiley211kl. Thanks felix. I did a photo search on her ~ zilch! I'll keep my eyes open though.
felix Wrote:Who is this huge labia minora babe?

Geez, the service around here is slow eh? Grin Sorry felix, forgot about this thread and your question as to her identity.

She is Sylvie Luca
AKA: Gaby, Jesie Jones, Kristyna, Kristyna A, Naomi, Silvia Luca, Silvie, Silvie Luca, Sylvie
Czech Republic

o The pictures you posted are from the Wet and Puffy "Flying Luca" set (using her Silvia Luca alias).

o She had a prior EROTIC MODEL thread under her Gaby alias here --> Gaby . Additional "Flying Luca" pictures posted there.

o You can get all the information you need about her at these sources:


List of photoshoots:

About covers it Thumbs
Wow, just so lovely...