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Full Version: Sydnee Vicious
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Introducing another heavily tattooed nude model and porn actress, Sydnee Vicious (aka Kaitie Amen) to the Forum.   I have already introduced two other tattooed and pierced girls, Anna Bell Peaks in May 2019 and a few days ago, Lauren Brock.   Like Anna Bell and Lauren, Sydnee Vicious has also got nice meaty cunt lips.   I wonder if this is a coincidence or whether like body building, tattooing increases the size of a girl’s cunt lips?   These pics are from a Burning Angel set titled Sydnee with the Green Hair.”   Notice how her skimpy g-string doesn’t cover her cunt properly in pic #1.

[Image: digjlAS.jpg]

[Image: rbHQr9J.jpg]

[Image: DpxWjNj.jpg]

[Image: QDKFRGd.jpg]

[Image: WPmo4aH.jpg]