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Full Version: Ana Foxxx
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Introducing black American porn actress, Miss Ana Foxxx, who has a nice meaty cunt, to the Forum.    Ana was born in Rialto, California as Savana Johnson on 29th October 1988 and her 32B cup tits and her beautiful cunt were first seen on the internet in November 2011.    My good friend Ticass47 suggested that I have a look at this girl and these pics of her from ATK Exotics which were first seen on 29th December 2015 are the result.

[Image: vBXnCGX.jpg]

[Image: kFytLfP.jpg]

[Image: xzohkkF.jpg]

[Image: taSUO2M.jpg]

[Image: D9g27hL.jpg]

Credit to ATKExotics, a member of the AMKingdom Network
Here is Ana Foxxx, this time with short hair, showing more of her beautiful black cunt and wet pink vagina in an ATK Exotics set which was seen for the first time on 25th July 2016.

[Image: meBK9Sf.jpg]

[Image: DKOYDVY.jpg]

[Image: UVPQHfc.jpg]

[Image: UZXaZDS.jpg]

[Image: QrVP7Ky.jpg]

Credit to ATKExotics, a member of the AMKingdom Network
The previous two posts of Ana have both ended with close-up pics of her holding her cunt open to show us her vagina and piss hole.   This time we start with a close up of Ana’s vagina and urethra because in this set Ana tries to be photographed having a pee outdoors.   I haven’t worked out why, but most of her pee has deflected onto the inside of her right thigh and is dripping on to the ground from there rather than her cunt.   I think that this is a young lady in need of some toilet paper!   The pics are from an ATK Exotics set which was first seen on 7th June 2017.

[Image: ALhhpv1.jpg]

[Image: DAbDk2F.jpg]

[Image: I5Ul5Rv.jpg]

[Image: 0YlpGLh.jpg]

[Image: U9poxJE.jpg]

Credit to ATKExotics, a member of the AMKingdom Network
I am getting quite addicted to Ana’s gorgeous black cunt and her very inviting wet pink vagina.   This girl seems to really enjoy showing off her cunt and everything to the world and these pics of her doing just that are from an ATK Exotics set which was first seen on 26th May 2017.

[Image: ycqW7AP.jpg]

[Image: KdzqUGv.jpg]

[Image: O0eh7I5.jpg]

[Image: XDQVHIt.jpg]

[Image: BBwCoPx.jpg]

Credit to ATKExotics, a member of the AMKingdom Network
Here is stunning black porn girl Ana Foxxx showing her meaty cunt which for a change is not fully shaved.   The pics are from Devil’s Film’s website, Hairy Undies.

[Image: AWAWUdD.jpg]

[Image: mPiPiQO.jpg]

[Image: 0RZexOe.jpg]

[Image: 2QbWG7V.jpg]

[Image: ZfGLhqv.jpg]
I am starting this post with a great backshot of Ana Foxxx in a skimpy mini-dress without a bra or any panties on underneath, bending over so that it’s nice and easy to see her appetizing black cunt lips.   Ana’s lovely black cunt features in the rest of pics which are from an FTV MILFS set titled “Prepared for Enjoyable” which was released on 31st March 2020.

[Image: EzuKd9i.jpg]

[Image: 96g48o2.jpg]

[Image: YvUwsqc.jpg]

[Image: f0Syqm8.jpg]

[Image: drKNYej.jpg]
Black beauty Ana Foxxx began the previous set in a dress without a bra or any panties underneath and her she is again showing her lovely cunt in another dress without any underwear.   The pics are from a B Skow set first seen on 16th December 2016.   I specially like the last pic of Ana holding her cunt open so that we can see her vagina.

[Image: foonvZj.jpg]

[Image: ZCfb3LB.jpg]

[Image: qtgYwuu.jpg]

[Image: UShMniJ.jpg]

[Image: HARm47O.jpg]
Up to now all the pics of Ana Foxxx on the Forum of have been of her solo, but here she is in a two cunts for the price of one set with white girl Alex Chance.   Alex who hasn’t got a thread on the Forum is better known for her natural 34DDD cup tits.   The pics were first seen in an ATKingdom set which was first released on 16th January 2013 and re-released on 14th May 2019.

[Image: 4Nwu68k.jpg]

[Image: UMVzeFL.jpg]

[Image: DXJF7KU.jpg]

[Image: 6q1LeaN.jpg]

[Image: sOTKYao.jpg]
I really ought to post more pics of black girls showing their cunts, but Ana Foxxx is certainly one of the darkest skinned nude models around today. These pics of her showing her meaty cunt lips and beautiful pink vagina are from an ATK Exotics set which was first seen on 8 January 2016.

[Image: kINbABK.jpg]

[Image: doltNqT.jpg]

[Image: sYRxFoa.jpg]

[Image: x5jCsDu.jpg]

[Image: iqtF7qH.jpg]
Looking back at some of my posts, it seems that I have posted more cunt. pics of Ana Foxxx on the Forum than any other black girl.   It is probably due to Ana having such dark skin, when she holds her cunt open, the pink of her vagina contrasts so much with the rest of her body.   I guess that that can be seen in these outdoor nude pics from ATK Nudism set #254448, which was released on 3 July 2012.

[Image: hbguYL6.jpg]

[Image: CpqJ1aN.jpg]

[Image: gDn4pgW.jpg]

[Image: FpP5YmX.jpg]

[Image: WlfwcZ4.jpg]