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These. Are. INCREDIBLE!!!
[Image: HzzVblU.jpg]

[Image: jhpHWw2.jpg]

[Image: CzcUDyl.jpg]

[Image: GHuNSWu.jpg]
Dear LusciousLips67, I really do enjoy your photos and your will to share them here so openly to a whole community of labia loving guys and girls. But as much as I adore your enormous cunt, I regret that you seem to have lost your interest in vacuum pumping. You were on such a good way to achieve incredible results. But judging from your photos, you obviously don't do it anymore, please correct me if I'm wrong. In my opinion (and I have been regularly pussy pumping with several partners for more than 7 years now), you should not give up and try to increase the size of your inner lips with every attempt more and more.

Please excuse my poor English, but this was so important to me, that I simply HAD TO write you now.
Sorry I think I need to do a bit of trimming

[Image: qWem6Iw.jpg]

[Image: Qy1xuPi.jpg]

[Image: kiMrUf3.jpg]

[Image: LHWkU72.jpg]

[Image: gJsN1WJ.jpg]

[Image: amFRvJQ.jpg]
After a Nice bath and a spot of pumping which, I'm still to post. 
Was nice to relax and then have a little fun. Hope you like :-)

[Image: Nan9hai.jpg]

[Image: ooNmBwu.jpg]

[Image: ycuxOif.jpg]

[Image: H9AbPoO.jpg]

[Image: iKCgVDW.jpg]

[Image: 7OGCedm.jpg]

[Image: Rj73tHB.jpg]

[Image: 7FaNOhE.jpg]
You have no idea how curious I am for the results. I hope you were able to implement some of the advice I gave you regarding pussy pumping. You have such a great potential for that special kind of fetish, I hope you were able to enjoy the process and the results.
All in the name of larger Lips. It might take a little more time or a bigger tube.

[Image: UYA5XO0.jpg]

[Image: o1lt2fR.jpg]

[Image: 0DAgRzp.jpg]

[Image: AedkQSx.jpg]

[Image: 8PuK6zI.jpg]

[Image: nb0uwVH.jpg]

[Image: 8k6q6bi.jpg]

[Image: QhUvorN.jpg]

[Image: upsl3te.jpg]
(05-02-2019, 10:02 PM)LusciousLips67 Wrote: [ -> ]Bit of a Play then a nice warm shower

[Image: C5twGcJ.jpg]

[Image: QhB8gY1.jpg]

[Image: Yd3LFRB.jpg]

[Image: 0aOFOqd.jpg]

[Image: PzKV3sM.jpg]

[Image: qC3xyGr.jpg]

[Image: 7rrOMJA.jpg]

[Image: 6nKYz5I.jpg]

[Image: TcrrGCi.jpg]

[Image: 5o6bScZ.jpg]

[Image: MXa4Nqn.jpg]
All that pussy cream is very hot.
A Bit of Pumping to get the lips bigger. Before, During and After.
Then a bit of a play to finish off.
A different tube but you be the judge of the results.
[Image: iEl69Zf.jpg]

[Image: vfrlSLy.jpg]

[Image: tDYKjvf.jpg]

[Image: YAvhNeN.jpg]

[Image: 7QlFxB5.jpg]

[Image: NTNzJKl.jpg]

[Image: pLd1GDr.jpg]

[Image: H0DJapo.jpg]
Just about cleaned up the Vibrator :-)
(02-28-2019, 09:01 PM)LusciousLips67 Wrote: [ -> ]Spread a little bit ...
[Image: 8dVqvsf.jpg]

Beautiful!  Love seeing you open those lips to show it all!  I love these views!  thanks!
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