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Full Version: Emily Austin
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Emily Austin  aka  Emily,  Emma,

Emily Austin was born in Dallas Texas on 10th November 1989 and like many other girls in the adult industry, she began her career working as a stripper, first in her home town Dallas and then in Las Vegas. After four years of taking her clothes off and dancing nude on stage, Emily began nude modelling and performing in hardcore porn scenes in 2013. She seems to have retired in 2015, but made a come-back in November 2018 doing several shoots for FTV Milfs. Emily, whose measurements are 34B-24-36 was born Emily Starkey but since her marriage she is Mrs Emily Discianno.

[Image: 4EldS2P.jpg]

[Image: 3B5l3VC.jpg]

[Image: 22f6l6l.jpg]

[Image: fqh5HUN.jpg]

And her she is showing her cunt again in November this year as FTV Milf, Emily …

[Image: G2llqfV.jpg]
Pictures of Emily Austin from ATKPremium's Set 278438 (Footfetish), May 14, 2013 ... 682 x 1024 & larger

[Image: th_089607235_EmilyAustin_atk_prem_278438..._508lo.jpg] [Image: th_089609444_EmilyAustin_atk_prem_278438_2_122_14lo.jpg]
[Image: th_089611355_EmilyAustin_atk_prem_278438..._119lo.jpg]
[Image: th_408961460_EmilyAustin_atk_prem_278438..._499lo.jpg] [Image: th_089616272_EmilyAustin_atk_prem_278438..._387lo.jpg]

Credit to ATKPremium, a member of the AMKingdom Network
For over two years, Texan glamour model, pornstar and stripper Emily Austin has completely dropped off my radar which is a great shame since Emily not only has a nice pair of tits, she has a really beautiful cunt.   And you can see what you have been missing in this Innocent High set of Emily dressed up (although not for long) as a schoolgirl ...

[Image: PLHFQVh.jpg]

[Image: 2I7f8NR.jpg]

[Image: 0e9QI2J.jpg]

[Image: 9qcfI2d.jpg]

[Image: 87fNMJk.jpg]
Here are some great close-up pics of Texan pornstar, Miss Emily Austin showing her vagina.   The pics are from a Karups Hometown Amateurs set which was released on 31 December 2013.

[Image: rbrXe7J.jpg]

[Image: oencsPd.jpg]

[Image: CUNrW53.jpg]

[Image: ddOtFZb.jpg]

[Image: fZEudJt.jpg]
Here is Texan pornstar Emily Austin returning to the Forum to show us more of her magnificent cunt.   The pics are from an ATK Premium set which was first seen on 30 May 2013.

[Image: Zh19BYV.jpg]

[Image: EE33z2X.jpg]

[Image: kp1sXqF.jpg]

[Image: 2eTcvi2.jpg]

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