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Full Version: Sanita
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 Sanita aka  Anna Amore,  Emily,  Katalina,  Maria A,  Masha,  Ramira

Sanita was born in St. Petersburg, Russia on 13 July 1994. Her birth name is Мария Сизова which translates as Mariya Sizova. She began posing nude in 2013 for We Are Hairy and so far I have not found any photographs of her with her cunt shaved completely. These pics of her from a Met-Art set titled “Walk” which was released on 27th November 2015, are about as good as it gets – at least she has shaved her bikini line and trimmed between legs before the shoot.  Sanita's measurements are 36C-25-35.

[Image: xMkMjH2.jpg] [Image: alOjNjO.jpg] [Image: cqo57b7.jpg]

[Image: i2nCxdO.jpg] [Image: MQHFz4H.jpg]

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Since posting the first thread featuring Sanita, I have realised that what I said about her pubic hair was incorrect. In September 2017 Nubiles released several photosets of her with her cunt almost fully shaved with just a neatly trimmed triangle of her minge remaining.   And better still, she lets us see her nice wet vagina …

[Image: QRwLTbH.jpg]

[Image: FUqpEe0.jpg] [Image: NEcLjqN.jpg] [Image: stlyLPa.jpg]

[Image: p5Whche.jpg]

Credits to Nubiles
A few more pics of Sanita – this time with plenty of hair around her cunt …

But I guess those tanned tits mean that she has recently been sunbathing topless ...

[Image: sw96qMK.jpg]

[Image: nYVeV3Q.jpg]

[Image: IX35CO8.jpg]

[Image: rjMM9xW.jpg]

[Image: ixg47eb.jpg]

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A few more photographs of the Russian model with big breasts and an innie cunt who goes by the name Sanita.  These pic are from a  Met-Art set titled "Sentago" released on 23rd September 2014 and start with her taking her panties off and end with a couple of close-up shots of her cunt.

[Image: nhhADE7.jpg] [Image: J3OIEXH.jpg]

[Image: Wd3ytPY.jpg]

[Image: 2SVVLpr.jpg]

[Image: QFEdIt3.jpg]

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Here are a few more pics of Sanita from a set she did for We Are Hairy in 2013 soon after she started nude modelling.   In those days she didn’t shave her cunt at all and went by the name Ramira …

[Image: z9rz0Xk.jpg]

[Image: BrctCJj.jpg]

[Image: uJqDAgA.jpg]

[Image: tesw1SS.jpg]

[Image: mtHOq3p.jpg]
Maria Marino from I Stripper
Set "Endless Desire" (June 10, 2019)

[Image: 440sc6ng3pqj.jpg] [Image: 641fjupevu5c.jpg] [Image: h0dt3ycolk7n.jpg]
[Image: isczie75o0zp.jpg] [Image: 6si2500ikyq4.jpg]

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Here are some pics of Sanita showing her natural 36C cup tits and her beautiful innie cunt from a Nubiles set which was first seen on 12th September 2017.

[Image: 08iDKBH.jpg] [Image: mGRhhtA.jpg] [Image: sNxE6dq.jpg]

[Image: zIPUNLP.jpg] [Image: C69pdLl.jpg]

Credits to Nubiles
The Life Erotic can usually be guaranteed to devise some strange, sometimes incomprehensible, scenarios for their shoots.   This one featuring Sanita is titled “Teal” and was first seen on 12th April 2017.   It begins with Sanita, fully dressed, with her left wrist handcuffed to a wrought iron gate.  Somehow, she seems to take off her dress and her matching bra and panties, then nude, but still with the handcuff on her wrist, holds her hairy cunt open for us.

[Image: IpqsUg8.jpg] [Image: w2ZapLA.jpg]

[Image: h8LtNJ5.jpg]

[Image: FCSdeSP.jpg] [Image: vXSrooq.jpg]

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