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Full Version: Cristin
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Cristin aka Anchen, Christin Y, Cristin M

According to one of her bios, Cristin who is Ukrainian, began her career as fashion model but very quickly decided that not wearing any clothes and underwear and posing in the nude was much was more fun. Cristin, who is almost 6 feet tall and has a 34A-24-37 figure has been appearing on the internet without her bra and panties on since 2016.

[Image: piIGifl.jpg]

[Image: QK1RxAp.jpg]

[Image: 8anpBct.jpg]

[Image: vfmVWCq.jpg]

[Image: eGyQV6b.jpg]

Here are another selection of photographs of the tall, slim Ukrainian model Cristin who says that posing in the nude is much more fun to being a fashion model. I am sure that not many lovers of girls with nice juicy cunt lips would argue about that!

[Image: iiAp1cD.jpg]

[Image: luiNTQk.jpg]

It looks like Cristin hadn't shaved her cunt for a few days before this shoot for Met-Art and she had certainly not used her Ladyshave for several weeks before she took her panties off for this shoot for Karups …

[Image: XHc4jaa.jpg]

[Image: Yz4rX4C.jpg]

But here she is with her cunt fully shaved again  :-) 

[Image: 5ZQk6Vj.jpg]