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Full Version: Shyla Jennings
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AKA: Jennifer, Shayla, Shyla, Shyla A, Shyla G

I am amazed that Shyla Jennings has not got a thread on here already because she has regularly been photographed showing her tits and her beautiful cunt since she was an 18 year old. Shyla was born as Brenda Reshell Kibler in the German city of Stuttgart on 16 June 1989 where her father, who was serving in the US military, was stationed at the time. All Shyla’s shoots have either been solo or with other girls. Her measurements are 32B-26-36.

[Image: QLVlBkO.jpg]

[Image: e6RWzi4.jpg]

[Image: PJEUk71.jpg]

I am not a fan of girls with really hairy cunts and I guess that when compared to the previous photograph Shyla wasn’t too happy about having all that pubic hair covering her cunt in this pic from a shoot that she did for We Are Hairy in 2018.

[Image: BkBNkLK.jpg]

She looks a lot more relaxed in this last pic of her showing her vagina!

[Image: gEhjm2o.jpg]

Some more photographs of Shyla from her FTV Girls "Erotic Fashion" set that she did back in January, 2011.

[Image: q6Wgnry.jpg]

[Image: iOBImVH.jpg]

[Image: iOBImVH.jpg]

[Image: bx4nvAQ.jpg]

[Image: fQi33nv.jpg]

Content provided by FTV Girls

Three years later Shyla took her panties off again for FTV Girls. In her “Deepest Fist” set she demonstrates how really flexible her vagina can be.

[Image: dqSrbMq.jpg]

[Image: 3JgVTI0.jpg]

[Image: ExbtPgY.jpg]

[Image: eRgbT6U.jpg]

I wonder why Shyla is laughing in this last pic? Is she surprised that she got so much inside her vagina, or is it because her hand is now sticky with her cunt juice?

[Image: bpXO55g.jpg]

Content provided by FTV Girls
It is back to 2011 again with few more photographs of Shyla showing her cunt from a shoot that she did for Hometown Amateurs.

[Image: jSlhvKJ.jpg]

[Image: PBNKx8H.jpg]

[Image: JhNMPxy.jpg]

[Image: 1MVYBVK.jpg]

[Image: fC9CRK6.jpg]

It has been nearly a year since any pics were added to Shyla’s thread.   These pics of her from a shoot she did in the shower for FTV Girls which was first seen on 19th December 2014.   It starts with Shyla shaving her cunt and after showing us the result, she proudly holds her beautiful cunt open before sliding her fist deep inside her vagina …

[Image: ctFw5G4.jpg]

[Image: lnclwHT.jpg]

[Image: YE1EGVA.jpg]

[Image: 2RsadKl.jpg]

[Image: SUq9qsu.jpg]
Fantastic set of pics! Love seeing her open that lovely cunt. I enjoy seeing it wide open! Thx!
Shyla has done six photosets and seven videos for We Are Hairy.   These pics are from her debut set for the website.   It is titled “Shyla Jennings strips and masturbates today” and was first seen on 14th December 2017.

[Image: 3caq56z.jpg]

[Image: AhYBeEs.jpg]

[Image: 0TaFltf.jpg]

[Image: vFwF429.jpg]

[Image: EhqarPZ.jpg]
Two cunts for the price of one in this girl-girl set with Shyla Jennings and Lola Foxx.   In the first pic, Shyla who has a landing strip minge is on the left and Lola who has the large flower tattoo and fully shaved pubes is on the right.

[Image: jS75qR5.jpg]

A nice close-up of Shyla’s cunt lips ...

[Image: ijEzDw5.jpg]

Here is Lola (who doesn’t have a thread on the Forum) holding her cunt open so that we can just see her urethra.   Lola was born in Los Angeles on 1st November 1991 as Ariel Rose Robinson and began working as a stripper when she was 18.

[Image: CbL8q9z.jpg]

Shyla seems to be enjoying having Lola’s fingers in her cunt

[Image: wtCxNKH.jpg]

And finally, Lola licking Shyla’s open cunt.   The pics are from one of several shoots that the girls did together for AMKingdon in 2013, this set being seen for the first time on 23rd June.

[Image: IKhRZKi.jpg]

It has been several months since and new pics of Shyla Jennings’ beautiful cunt were posted on the Forum.   Here she is holding  her cunt open and fingering herself in a Hustler set first published in October 2012.

[Image: jBJ13Wh.jpg]

[Image: KrOZN6Y.jpg]

[Image: gcGEEEE.jpg]

[Image: Tya81ev.jpg]

[Image: 4Qt0tyg.jpg]
Here is a girl-girl set featuring Shyla Jennings and Samantha Rone.   We begin with both girls in their panties, but as we see, blonde Samantha cannot wait to pull Shyla’s skimpy black panties aside and lick her cunt.   In pic #4 both girls are nude with Samantha fondling Shyla’s right tit and playing with her cunt, and finally the roles are reversed and we see both the girls cunts as Shyla licks Samantha’s cunt.   The pics are from a Girlsway set "The Business of Women Part Five" which was released on 16th July 2015.

[Image: 185J6is.jpg]

[Image: oYNhTWA.jpg]

[Image: 9HehDql.jpg]

[Image: 4xZogHW.jpg]

[Image: mf4Gehz.jpg]
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