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Full Version: Lolly Badcock
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AKA: Laura, Laura B, Little Miss Freckles, Lolli, Lolli B, Lolly, Lolly Badcock
Born [dd-mm-yyyy]: 12-02-1984
Birthplace: United Kingdom

Images of Lolly from Teendreams's "Set #15476" 2011-03-21 (1488x2240)

[Image: yqbmp5alawma.jpg] [Image: 4kp7brqrrhxo.jpg] [Image: prhz5o10horw.jpg]
[Image: fec9g4ymcipm.jpg] [Image: iyghgvu7glpd.jpg]

Credits to Teendreams
Images of Lolly from Teendreams's "Set #17259" 23 Oct, 2012 (2000x3000)

[Image: 65ckdqxbpdek.jpg] [Image: 84ubs4o5h4y4.jpg] [Image: 0o1n59g3h3yi.jpg] [Image: nyxkoaooafzh.jpg] [Image: km4asjn16h9g.jpg]

Credits to Teendreams
I have been a big fan of Lolly for a longtime. Her lips are just incredible.
[Image: 006.jpg][Image: 007.jpg][Image: 008.jpg]
Lolly Badcock is a girl whose cunt deserves to have had a lot more exposure on the Forum than it has so far.   She was born just 20 miles from where live, in the city of Nottingham on 12 February 1984 as Laura Smith.  Lolly is one of those girls who when she talks about her vulva, usually refers to it as her cunt.   These pics of Lolly as a schoolgirl in a straw hat are from her first nude set for Suburban Amateurs.   After flashing her knickers, she pulls them down to show us her cunt and what she calls her "big flabby lips."

[Image: awXKMR7.jpg]

[Image: UPhuihC.jpg]

[Image: QjVeKlY.jpg]

[Image: TU5HXvw.jpg]

[Image: fdSQBHB.jpg]
I remember fucking her @ a Fuckclub party for Killergram some 8 years ago.