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Full Version: Delilah Strong
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Born: 26-07-1982
Birthplace: United States of America
First Seen: 2004
Measurements: Bra size: 34B/75B, Waist: 26/66, Hips: 36/91
Height: 5'9/1.75
Piercings: None
Hair Colour: Brown
Breasts: Medium (Real)
Tattoos: Right breast, right upper arm, left hip, left buttock, center upper back, neck, right calf

As Delilah, from BARE MAIDENS, Morning Kuf set:

[Image: th_959031457_Delilah_baremaidens_morning..._892lo.jpg] [Image: th_959033717_Delilah_baremaidens_morning..._350lo.jpg]

[Image: th_959043755_Delilah_baremaidens_morning..._581lo.jpg] [Image: th_095904559_Delilah_baremaidens_morning..._427lo.jpg]

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difficult to find good picture. Sometimes her pussy seems not so big.
Images of Delilah Strong from PerfectSlave, released July 3, 2009 (800 x 1200)

[Image: th_959483872_Delilah_Strong_perfectslave...1072lo.jpg] [Image: th_959485447_Delilah_Strong_perfectslave..._590lo.jpg] [Image: th_959488514_Delilah_Strong_perfectslave..._486lo.jpg]

[Image: th_959490111_Delilah_Strong_perfectslave..._436lo.jpg] [Image: th_959493414_Delilah_Strong_perfectslave..._501lo.jpg]

Credit to PerfectSlave