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AKA: Elina Sweet, Kate, Katerina, Katerina C, Kata, Katka, Katy Jones, Odara D, Nella Never
DOB: December 29, 1993 .... Czech Republic

Pictures of Nordica from Met-Art's Aperis set, October 10, 2015 ... 2000 x 3000

[Image: th_807784929_Nordica_m_a_aperis_1_122_1182lo.jpg] [Image: th_807804617_Nordica_m_a_aperis_2_122_74lo.jpg] [Image: th_807825142_Nordica_m_a_aperis_3_122_372lo.jpg]

[Image: th_807846468_Nordica_m_a_aperis_4_122_410lo.jpg] [Image: th_807866299_Nordica_m_a_aperis_5_122_1004lo.jpg]

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WOW. This girl is gorgeous !!! Thanks. Can't wait to view more of her. She'll be on my list of hot models to search out that's for sure.
Pictures of Nordica from Met-Art's Demile set, November 22, 2014 ... 1365 x 2048

[Image: th_899750274_Nordica_m_a_demile_1_122_992lo.jpg] [Image: th_899753731_Nordica_m_a_demile_2_122_78lo.jpg] [Image: th_899756923_Nordica_m_a_demile_3_122_135lo.jpg]

[Image: th_899759251_Nordica_m_a_demile_4_122_74lo.jpg] [Image: th_899762896_Nordica_m_a_demile_5_122_569lo.jpg]

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Pictures of Nordica from Met-art's Ulisse set, November 17, 2015 ... 4320 x 6480

[Image: th_983222116_Nordica_m_a_ulisse_1_122_384lo.jpg] [Image: th_998324417_Nordica_m_a_ulisse_2_122_600lo.jpg]

[Image: th_983265112_Nordica_m_a_ulisse_3_122_386lo.jpg] [Image: th_983285149_Nordica_m_a_ulisse_4_122_255lo.jpg] [Image: th_983429213_Nordica_m_a_ulisse_5_122_1171lo.jpg]

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Pictures from Met-Art's Presenting Nordica set, April 13, 2014 ... 3456 x 5184

[Image: th_152006873_Nordica_m_a_presenting_1_122_415lo.jpg] [Image: th_015201367_Nordica_m_a_presenting_2_122_35lo.jpg] [Image: th_152020669_Nordica_m_a_presenting_3_122_335lo.jpg]

[Image: th_152027358_Nordica_m_a_presenting_4_122_57lo.jpg] [Image: th_152035172_Nordica_m_a_presenting_5_122_532lo.jpg]

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Here we have Nordica doing a great spreading photo set. Fuck she's hot. You have to love it when a model really does some epic spreading. I love the color pink. Yum!

As Kate, images from the PJGirls "Pussy Spreading" set, 9-27-2013 (1600 x 2400)

[Image: th_275417333_Kate_pjgirls_pussy_spreadin..._146lo.jpg] [Image: th_275422244_Kate_pjgirls_pussy_spreadin...2_64lo.jpg] [Image: th_275429913_Kate_pjgirls_pussy_spreadin..._166lo.jpg]

[Image: th_275434968_Kate_pjgirls_pussy_spreadin..._234lo.jpg] [Image: th_275439945_Kate_pjgirls_pussy_spreadin..._195lo.jpg]

Credit to PJGirls
So what has Nordica been up to? ..... busy girl

Pictures of Nordica from Met-Art's Poua set, August 2, 2016, @ 1365 x 2048:

[Image: th_205455671_Nordica_m_a_poua_1_122_428lo.jpg].[Image: th_205460137_Nordica_m_a_poua_2_122_563lo.jpg].[Image: th_205465340_Nordica_m_a_poua_3_122_424lo.jpg]

[Image: th_205470549_Nordica_m_a_poua_4_122_182lo.jpg].[Image: th_205475926_Nordica_m_a_poua_5_122_691lo.jpg]

Labia content created and owned by Met Art
Pictures of Nordica from Met-Art's Utania set, June 13, 2016, @ 1365 x 2048:

[Image: th_361541907_Nordica_m_a_utania_1_122_1147lo.jpg].[Image: th_361546830_Nordica_m_a_utania_2_122_893lo.jpg].[Image: th_361551682_Nordica_m_a_utania_3_122_411lo.jpg]

[Image: th_361556982_Nordica_m_a_utania_4_122_147lo.jpg].[Image: th_361562631_Nordica_m_a_utania_5_122_114lo.jpg]

Labia content created and owned by Met Art
Pictures of Nordica from Met-Art's Vretta set, April 4, 2016, @ 4320 x 6480:

[Image: th_448975370_Nordica_m_a_vretta_1_122_1043lo.jpg].[Image: th_448991530_Nordica_m_a_vretta_2_122_114lo.jpg].[Image: th_449008423_Nordica_m_a_vretta_3_122_1053lo.jpg]

[Image: th_449025789_Nordica_m_a_vretta_4_122_469lo.jpg].[Image: th_449043177_Nordica_m_a_vretta_5_122_95lo.jpg]

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Images of Nordica from Errotica-Archives, set "Alunno" 5 May 2017, (3456x5184)

[Image: 5a9db48e327c6.jpg] [Image: 5a9db49256c5e.jpg] [Image: 5a9db496097dd.jpg]
[Image: 5a9db4b66e97f.jpg] [Image: 5a9db5499e58b.jpg]

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